Company - Marketing

NOVOCAPTIS develops a number of products and services for and across a number of markets with main focus on consumer and service robotics, ambient intelligence, ambient assisted living, environmental applications, education and entertainment.
The strategy is based on developing new and expanding current competences in three core areas of interest:

  • Robotic Embodiments
  • Sensor Technology and Monitoring Applications
  • Intelligent and Cognitive Systems
Figure 1 provides a road map for the respective product lines called:
  • NOVO.Robot
  • NOVO.Sensing
  • NOVO.Smart

The first product, NOVO1, will be a micro-robot targeting the educational, entertainment and consumer robotics markets. Following it will be a monitoring application for the security market, GUARD1. The product lines cover a number of markets in parallel and there is provision for the release of combined offerings providing a more complex service or product. The key factor in supporting the strategy is the modularity of each product produced in the above lines which allows the easy reconfiguration and customisation for specific markets and segments in these markets.

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