Products & Services

System development

Novocaptis has developed capabilities in system development (such as cognitive and intelligent architectures for the robotic, cognitive systems and ambient intelligence areas) and integration tasks as well as in software engineering project management and developing large software systems of high quality with traditional and agile methods. The company has also significant skills in the development of micro-scale systems, target tracking, computer vision and other areas.

Customised R&D

The company undertakes the research and development of customized products and services for businesses and organizations worldwide. Whether you need a single engineer or a dedicated R&D centre with its experts, we have the capabilities to meet your specific need. We have experience ranging from pre-product research and development, concept creation, integration tasks, to software engineering project management as well as in developing complex systems of high quality with traditional and agile methods in the international level. We always evaluate new opportunities in order to create innovative solution and to meet new requirements.

Customised R&D clients include CERN-The European Organization for Nuclear Research. CERN is an international organization whose purpose is to operate the world's largest particle physics laboratory.

Platform for "smart" buildings

Currently, Novocaptis is also developing a platform for "smart" buildings based on a wireless platform that can be installed in buildings (houses, public building, hospitals, etc) in order to optimize the usage of energy in it. This platform, by collecting real time thermal and electrical data, adopts energy usage to any changes in the internal and the external environment of the building, managing thus in an optimal way, the usage of energy in it. This results in considerable cost savings and environmental benefits.

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